MP5 9mm Field Maintenance Spare Parts Kit

SKU: PMP5002

Each Field Maintenance Spare Parts Kit Includes:


Firing Pin                                        Qty: 1

Firing Pin Spring                            Qty: 1

Extractor                                         Qty: 1

Extractor Spring                             Qty: 1

Butt Stock Retaining Pin               Qty: 1

Nylon Recoil Guide Ring               Qty: 1

Recoil Guide Rivet                         Qty: 2


This kit cantains the same parts that HK sold in the 1980's, as a "spare parts kit", for the HK94. 

All parts are unissued spares, manufactured to HK specification, under HK license, by POF.  All parts are compatible with both Full Auto and Semi Auto 9mm weapons.  Including the MP5. HK94, SP89, POF, MKEK, Zenith, Omega and others.



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